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Division: Industrial chemicals
  • Acids, Hydroxides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Potassium Chloride, Sulfates, industrial Salt, Sodium Sulfite, Carbonates, Phosphates, Lithopon, Titanium White, Flocculants and others.
  • Lacquers for metals, plastics, UV-lacquers for varnishing of plastic materials and other special lacquers.

Division: Chemical substances
  • Blacking agents for steel, copper, brass, aluminium and others, cast iron and others.
  • Chemical patina coating colour metals.
  • Agents for tumbling metals (compounds).
  • Emulsions for metal working.
  • Antiadhesive agents against spattering.
  • Desinfection and cleaning substances.
  • Foaming or non-foaming substances for grease extraction, cleaning and industrial washing.
  • Antifoam and other special agents.
  • Substances for water softening.
  • Substances for phosphating metals.
  • Substances for pickling, brightening and passivating metals.
  • Agents for chemical polishing and depointing steel, brass etc.
  • Substances for waterproofing as substitution for drying.
  • Competitive crude oil or water preservation agents for a long or intermediate term of metal conservation.
  • Corrosion inhibitors for water and steam circuits.
  • Agents for removing water deposits and corrosion sediments etc.

Division: Pure and special chemicals
  • Laboratory, pharmaceutical and pharmacopoeial chemicals, food chemicals, chemicals for semi-conductors.

Division: Laboratory equipment:
  • Laboratory glass-ware, porcelaine, plastics, paper and furniture.
  • Measure devices, tools, equipment for laboratories.

Division: Industrial machinery and devices
  • Personal and industrial computers and software.
  • Facilities, corpuscules, services and machinery for tumbling metals.
  • Technology and devices for pickling, grease extraction and other surface metal finish and non-metal finish.
  • Technology and material for water treatment and water softening.

Division: Auto-transport, chemical and industrial services
  • Chemical and technological consultancy.
  • Purchase or liquidation of chemicals and chemical waste.
  • Professional removal of water sediments and all types of deposits covering metal and non-metal surfaces including Revision of Stabil Pressure Tanks.
  • Deratisation, desinsection and desinfection.
  • Technological and laboratory tests.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Auto-transport and logistics.